F.O.M.A. Shop # 22 – Maria’s Muse

F.O.M.A. Shop # 22 – Maria’s Muse

Maria’s Muse offers a wide arrange of items. As you may know, over the years I’ve been a bit of an eclectic participant in this virtual reality. As such, what’s in the shop may reflect that a bit.

Main Complex Block E TP is closest tp to the shop. From that TP head North West, and go around the corner to the right, and shop is going to be on the left, a little bit down the hallway. Look for the Party Lights out front.

Upstairs I’m working on organizing blueprints. I don’t know if I’ll continue to sell blueprints here or not since my crafting skills aren’t top notch yet. However, I have a surplus of blueprints from the crafting event a while ago, and from years of on and off crafting, so they are in the shop now… I’ll probably add more later when I get time.

Also upstairs are a few odds and ends – some pirate flags, a smuggler droid, several duchev logs, a mcgrangus log, several posters, combat masks, and a couple of other odds and ends.

On most stuff in the upstairs area I’m trying to keep prices below auction historic prices when possible.

Currently in the shop’s basement is what is probably the widest variety of pets in any shop in game. (I was previously working on collecting one of each pet in game back when compets was a reality, but now that it’s not it’s time to downsize a bit).


2007 issue regarding estates being inaccessible due to being underground


Internet Archive Link

Zhorgul’s post says:

To be clear from the start, it’s no whining post, it’s mostly a warning post.

I’d like to bring to LA’s owner attention that MA doesn’t care much about you people investing thousands of $ in EU. Since the VU 8.12 the 4th June !! (yeah 2 months already), one of my LA, the OLA 32 (magic mushroom land) north of Shinook Jungle TP has been damaged by MA’s design engineer lack of proficiency. The shed, the fertilizer station and the land marker are undergrounded and can’t allow me to access them neither EU participants coming to my place. For 2 months the LA has been dead … No fertilizer means no mob to hunt, the shed undergrounded means no access to the 2 shopkeepers and no event creation possible cause the land marker isn’t accessible too. You can imagine the damage done to this area. It could happen to yours too !

Of course I brought this matter to MA support that basically said that they sent the case to the design team (yes the same ones who got all my things undergrounded). I’m fed up going after their support with no results so now I prefer to make the case public and hopefully they’ll do something.

So remember guys, you may spend 30 000$ buying a piece of virtual land and having it damaged and none profitable because of lame MA.

I hope that the people who used to go to the magic mushroom world will still enjoy it when It hopefully turns back to normal. I’ll do my possible to provide them with good mushrooms for fun !

Thanks for your support !

This old thread reminds me of an issue that happened in many estates in Entropia Universe at VU 10 when the same type of thing happened.

Here’s a couple of screen prints from when those post vu-10 type of things happened… It’s been a few years but I think the upside down booth and plants in the booths of some booths may still be there today (cannot verify since I haven’t visited the places involved in the last 2 years or so in game). Mindark did finally fix the ‘sandtrap’ in the below screenprint but it took them a couple of years of support tickets before that was fixed.




‘bugged deeds’ are in Entropia’s Real Cash Economy

Apparently ‘bugged deeds’ that don’t work properly that are tied to Next Island are floating around in Entropia Universe’s Real Cash Economy. More can be read about this over at http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?265203-Bugged-Deeds&p=3287535&viewfull=1#post3287535
Internet Archive Copy of Page 1

Internet Archive Copy of Page 2, in which Narfi, one of the individuals affected since he sold the deeds, discusses the matter

Internet Archive copy of page 4, in which Narfi lists screen prints of various communications he had with the buyer and with Mindark support team

Entropiaplanet’s take on this situation

Internet Archive link

Based on what the thread says, it sounds as if Narfi acquired the deed in question from Neverdie as Neverdie Studios originally was helping Next Island develop Next Island before Next Island’s owner decided to stop developing it since it was a cash drain. If that is really what is going on, it seems that this situation is very similar to 2011 issue described at http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?215835-Digital-Manager-Abduction-RT-LAs&p=2795526&viewfull=1#post2795526 in which Millstreet (Oboy Oboyto) explains how he was given stall deeds by DA Manager that DA Manager was not supposed to be using to be using to trade with as he was not authorized to trade with the deed in question. DA Manager is/was closely associated with Neverdie Studios.

Internet Archive Link of the Millstreet Thread

Lovely little “replace me” balls the developers forgot to change out for real textures, etc.




interesting old blog entry about scamming and Entropia…

In a recent thread on Planetcalypsoforum someone has asked Mindark to list all of it’s employee avatars.

This is something that has been asked many times before in various forums over the years, but is something that Mindark still refuses to do, or even acknowledge the question about in some cases. (Hey Kim, if you are reading this, we are still waiting for your answers from the 2011 thread that you ‘locked’ until you got a response from your superiors about this type of thing…

As mentioned in some previous posts, there is some interesting discussion on this topic on EntropiaPlanets by MS9 who used to work for a Planet Partner… However, there’s nothing ‘official’ anywhere from Mindark or any ‘real’ and ‘active’ planet partners on the subject out there other than a subtle hint about things from Rocktropia from a few years back on a web page that no longer really exists except in the internet caches of various search engines that went something like this:

It has been brought to my attention that the Planet Partner Agreement strictly Prohibits Planet Owners or planet Partner Employees from Playing Entropia universe with private Avatars…

IF Mindark Choose to make public the specifics of this agreement, then that is up to them.

In general though What that means as far as I understand it regarding ROCKtropia and NEVERDIE Studios is that all of our Private Avatars must cease to engage in all End User Game Play activities, excluding perhaps logging in to manage pre-exisiting assets, until such time that employment is terminated.

All Official (Non Private) NDS or ROCktropia Avatars will be subject to Severe restrictions. (Management, Demo, Guide, Test, Roleplay Avatars, etc)

Further Clarification will be provided here if appropriate or necessary.

1) It is Possible to Create an Official Avatar for NEVERDIE or other NDS Employees to be used to enter the World and Chat with the community

Since the webpage in question that listed that no longer appears to exist, it’s highly likely that no ‘further clarification will be provided here’ as here is no longer where it was previously…

One of the reasons that this type of thing is important is that it has an impact on how people view the mmo, and the folks running it as well as the community… In a recent internet search I came across the blog entry at http://blogtropia.blogspot.com/2007/04/resellers-scammers-leeches.html

While I think most of the information in comments part of the blog entry are way off from reality, it’s interesting to see what the general public thought of Entropia way back in 2007… (and may still today as sometimes these types of perceptions continue to exist for many years?)…

Finkle said…
Don’t you people realize by now that it is Mindark employees doing the reselling/scamming in this game? It is Mindark alone that profits from this game. The “uber” players in the game are the ones that work for Mindark. I have noticed from the beginning how they operate. The day you download this program and get put at Port Atlantis you are immediately approached by employees of Mindark posing as old players. They shuffle you over to the sweat camp and show you how to sweat. You do that until you can’t stand it anymore. Then they buy your sweat or you sell it to some other person for next to nothing, buy yourself a weapon and ammo from the trade terminal, go out and start hunting the animals, only to discover your ammo runs out and weapon breaks without you having made even 1/10 of what you need to repair them and buy more ammo. Then back to sweating, usually people who go through this cycle a couple of time will end up depositing money. The minute you do, scammers flock over and try to steal your money in some way or another. Make no mistake, there are mostly employees of mindark, they know EXACTLY when you deposit, and don’t show their faces until you do. I have watched the tactics they use and see the light. The avatars you meet and put on your friend list are more times than not the SAME employee. Just watch how on your friends list two or three people seem to log out at exactly the same time. Then a minute later when their computer reboots they log back in at the same time, with a slight delay in between. Look at how the same avatars can’t hold up individual conversations with you at the same time, they have a hard time trying to keep up with both conversations. I have actually seen one avatar answer a question that I asked ANOTHER avatar!! The staff of mindark sit around and create accounts all day, scam newbies, manipulate the market, get Hall of Fames to entice you to keep playing, and you are a HUGE TOOL if you play their rigged game. You are better off driving down the street tossing dollars out the window. You stand a much better chance of NOT losing your money than if you play this game. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME, DON’T BE A MINDARK TOOL!!!

I don’t believe Mindark employees participate on the level that Finkle indicated, but it’s interesting to see that someone thought that… and that that view is out there… all the while Mindark stays Mum, at least in regards to creating a ‘list’ of all of the Mindark and Planet Partner avatars… (I personally believe that they do this in part because Mindark claims to track the avatars Planet Partners run but really are not doing so at the level that they should be in order to uphold their commitment to making the community ‘feel safe in their endeavors’)

Transparency can be a good thing in situations like these. However, Mindark is Mindark and it’s business as usual, so it’s likely nothing will ever change on this matter…

Mindark closes Mexican office


Mindark to Close Mexico Office
Gothenburg, Sweden – 2014-06-24

Mindark PE AB, developer and publisher of Entropia Universe, a real-money MMO
game, closes its office with thirteen employees in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Mindark’s new CEO, Klas Moreau:
”Today, most of our platform development takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden. Being at
two sites is not cost-effective. We will now focus all development and customer support
to Gothenburg.”

The Mexican office was started in 2007

In 2007, MindArk incorporated its first international subsidiary under the name Ilunova Sa. de. Cv. in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and it has been in operation since February, 2008.

In a 2012 report it was stated that 13 employees worked at the Mexican location.


MindArk during the year has averaged 33 employees, including three women. The MindArk group employs the equivalent of 50 employees, including four women. In Mexico 13 employees are located, including one woman.

Way back Machine Link for http://www.mindark.com/company/ilunova is at
https://web.archive.org/web/20130315102717/http://www.mindark.com/company/ilunova and it indicates that the Mexican location is located at http://www.ilunova.com/

The current message on that page is:

Ilunova Sa. de. Cv. is closed down

Any questions may be directed to http://www.mindark.com

Way Back Machine on Illunovia.com is at https://web.archive.org/web/20140208041535/http://www.ilunova.com/

Writer seeking wacky sickos or is someone impersonating the writer?

Seems that a couple of recent threads on planetcalypsoforum have been closed by moderators after a writer asked for contact info about the wacky sickos Colonel Bowles and Marcus Slayem Aurelius from many years ago.



However, the two threads in question are from a completely new individual on the forum as the two threads in question are the only threads the individual has ever posted, so it appears that the threads may be from someone impersonating the writer/blogger especially since the first posting in the threads in question left an email address?

However, the writer in question did post a comment asking about it here on this blog too so it’s a legit question from a legit writer, so I’m going to post a few things about this…

For those in the community with no clue on who Bowles and Slayem are/were here’s some interesting reading you may want to check out:

Apparently from a few years back the two avatars in question were related to a big happening in which a pedophile was involved in Entropia Universe:

A couple of big names in EU a while ago.
Marcus Slayem Aurelius = Pedophile millionaire
Colonel Lee Bowles = Slayem’s underage toyboy

Below are a few links where more reading can be done on this and related issues:
Apparently Marc Collins Rector is currently working on a Sci-Fi Novel called Change Hope that is available on Amazon.

Internet Archive Link

Internet Archive Link

Internet Archive Link

Internet Archive Link

Internet Archive Link


Internet Archive Link

Internet Archive Link




















Interestingly, most of the posts on the threads at Entropia Forum or Planet Calypso Forum usually are locked or deleted rather quickly by moderators because they don’t want the community or general public to really be aware that this type of thing ever took place in Entropia Universe… They like to hide the facts so that nothing negative is ever seen in relation to their beloved virtual universe as it may cause markup on various virtual assets to spiral downwards. Kinda sick when you think about how much the mods are willing to cover up to make everything look positive.

Not sure if the below is accurate or not, and cannot verify it at the moment since my avatar is on Arkadia instead of Calypso, but according to http://www.entropiadirectory.com/wiki/pilots/ the Slayem avatar holds Hangar #17 at Corinth, and according to http://www.entropiadirectory.com/wiki/vacant_shops/ the Bowles avatar holds Port Atlantis Mall, Floor 1, Shop #05 L. However, as the links at entropiadirectory are a few years old it’s possible that they have outdated information? If the avatars in question actually do hold these estates, perhaps that is why the writer is looking for a way to contact them? However, since I don’t know for sure if they do own the estates in question, this is only speculation. Perhaps if both avatars still do own the estates, they will log in and sell them off as Vixen did about two years ago after everyone thought Vixen’s avatar was unable to log in as it was an alt avatar,

or alternatively Mindark will just sell off the estates through the newly established liquidation avatar that’s used to sell off virtual assets of avatars that no longer can log in as their account was shut down? If the avatars don’t own the estates in question, perhaps it’d be interesting to discover when the entropiadirectory info was updated and when the estates in question were sold so as to determine when the last time was that the avatars in question did log in and sell the places?

Of course, the folks that regularly read pcf likely won’t see this post since entropiarelated has been added to the banned/censored word list over on that forum just like it’s predecessor, entropiatrash was as pcf is run by forum nazis (the guy behind the vixen scam actually owns the forum) who like to hide the facts about anything negative in their virtual universe…

More darn exploiters out there…

Based on the posts in the thread over at http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?262383-Harassment-and-abuse-in-Entropia-Universe&p=3261292&viewfull=1#post3261292 I added the youtube videos listed in that thread to the Entropia Exploiters Playlist which is a collection of youtube videos exposing various cheating, exploiting, and other immoral activities that have taken place in Entropia Universe or the Entropia Universe related communities and forums over the last few years.

Have a nice time reviewing the cheaters in action, and reviewing just how much people get away with in Entropia Universe all too often due to a development team that is understaffed and too trusting of the average participants to just ethically not cheat on their own…

Think about this type of thing the next time you want to drop some money in the game. Your hard earned cash is being made worthless by folks that are cheating the system to steal it from you all the time, over and over and over again, year after year… Just something to think about as you get ready to hit that confirmation button on your next deposit(s)…

rumors of Entropia Universe’s death are greatly exaggerated…

rumors of Entropia Universe’s death are greatly exaggerated…

Per binkus in 2007:

the game is dying

my advice no matter how deep you are in the economy i am getting out and cutting my losses

Per emmery (Monty) in 2007:

After a long time away i recently started playing again and have noticed a real decline in the player base. For example when i started playing, Port Atlantis was full of people all the time you could hardly move. Now it seems it mostly has about 20 people in it which was unheard of when i used to play.

But i think the most telling thing in the game is the auction. Once again when i used to play the auction was packed full of stuff. There used to be 10+ pages of rifles alone, and now there is hardly any stuff on there anymore. these things and others says to me that the player base over the past 18 months has really declined.

Do you guys and girls think this is the case to or is it just me…


Per Viperstrike in 2011:

Is Entropia a dead end?


I see not too many play this game anymore.

Per DoctorSLO on 12/29/2012:

I think it’s dying … withdraw while you can ….

My advice: NOW IS THE TIME TO GET IN TO THE GAME. Get in while others are getting out so you can be in when things turn around… just don’t expect them to turn around instantly as some of the rumor makers may have a crystal ball that fortells the true future coming. Don’t EVER deposit more than you can afford to lose.

Good ol’ Neverdie – still impacting the economy in numerous ways…

http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?259971-why-is-neverdie-buying-his-own-planets-blueprints&p=3236703&viewfull=1#post3236703 – Ain’t it grand how Planet Partners just keep on keeping on, impacting the virtual universe in tons of ways, unhindered by EULA or threats of insider trading as they would have in the real world… Really just kinda makes you want to never log in to Entropia or start playing it if you’ve never joined yet knowing you are in constant competition against folks on the ‘inside’ who made/developed the damn game and think they should be treated in ‘special’ ways that would get most ‘normal’ folks that participate in the game banned in no time flat.

Yeah, yeah, we’ve hear it all about how these guys don’t control the loot pool, even though they directly tell Mindark what loots to put in to which mobs, and approximately when that will happen since they made the request to Mindark to make the changes,according to good ol Neverdie himself

19. Once and for all who determines items that drop in RT/NI loot is it MA or NDS (For example if you wanted to add A-3 punisher MKII to drop from Forum trolls is it you guys or MA who would add this)

We determine which Mobs drop which items, that is essential for game design, we don’t control how or when, so we can’t predict when something will drop


(even if he did later retract the statement by deleting the original thread it was listed in or re-arranging the forums so that it’s nearly impossible to find. At least one other ‘proof’ that this was a real q&a posting is out there besides on my own blog here, lol)

Alone Together?” Exploring the Social Dynamics of MMOs


In this paper we used longitudinal data obtained directly
from the most successful US MMOG, World of Warcraft,
to assess the players’ social experiences in these virtual
worlds. Our observations show that, while MMOGs are
clearly social environments, the extent and nature of the
players’ social activities differ significantly from previous
accounts. In particular, joint activities are not very
prevalent, especially in the early stages of the game.
WoW’s subscribers, instead of playing with other people,
rely on them as an audience for their in-game performances,
as an entertaining spectacle, and as a diffuse and easily
accessible source of information and chitchat. For most,
playing the game is therefore like being “alone together” –
surrounded by others, but not necessarily actively
interacting with them. Based on WoW’s success, this
suggests alternative design strategies for online games (and
online spaces more generally) where encouraging and
supporting direct interactions might be less important than
designing for the “spectator experience” and a sense of
social presence [16].
Expanding on the above, our data also indicates that, while
grouping in the context of “quests” or missions might not
be what most players are interested in, longer-lived player
associations (the guilds) have significant impacts on play
patterns. Guilds facilitate the formation of groups when
they are needed, encourage players to play more often and
more regularly, and act as an important and ever-present
source of support and socializing via the “guild chat”
channels, where guildmates are always available. However,
guilds are apparently facing several challenges that can
affect their growth and longevity – and therefore, the
growth and longevity of the game itself. In particular,
managing a guild can be more difficult than it needs to be
due to the absence of good social navigation tools. One of
the core game mechanics in MMOGs, leveling, inherited
from pen-and-paper role playing games, also has damaging
impacts on the game’s social fabric. Indeed, differences in
levels can be enough to reduce a guild’s cohesion and
probably play a role in the heavy “churn rate” among the
members. While WoW tries to mitigate this problem with
its concept of “rest state,” it is clear that more could be
done to truly encourage casual social play.
Still, our analyses also show that a carefully crafted reward
structure, such as the one WoW’s designers have
assembled, can contribute significantly to a game’s success.
The rewards available after “just a few more minutes” of
playing function as a virtual Skinner box drawing the
players deeper into the game. Therefore, WoW illustrates
how a careful combination of addictive game design with a
“looser” social environment can help MMOGs break the
coveted one million subscribers barrier. It remains to be
seen if such a combination can be sustained over time, or if
alternative approaches are needed to grow multiplayer
games even further.

relationship between online game addiction and aggression, self-control and narcissistic personality traits


An interesting profile has emerged from the results of this study, suggesting that certain psychological characteristics such as aggression, self-control, and narcissistic personality traits may predispose some individuals to become addicted to online games. This result will deepen our understanding of the “at-risk” population for online game addiction and provide basic information that can contribute to developing a prevention program for people who are addicted to online games.

Planet Dev personally handing out cash? Is that equal treatment that makes everyone “feel safe in their endeavors”?


Kim|Calypso dropped the loot! [2856.70 PED] xD

There were many players that lost PEDs due to several server crashes as well as no-looters on creatures that quite frankly shouldn’t have them. I decided to remove the biggest creatures by killing them myself and spawn smaller instead and I tossed the loot on the ground

Should this type of thing happen in a ‘real cash economy’ where the game dollars are tied to real world us dollars in a 10:1 ratio? Basically a dev just handed a participant/player 285 bucks for free to use against others in this game… If that’s not insider trading or money laundering, just what the hell is it?

More folks using alts… and openly discussing it in forums…


I had to recreate one final time. My new name is…

It is good that he had Mindark delete his old accounts, but it makes one wonder if one guy does this over and over not knowing to do otherwise, how many other ‘new avatars’ are being created as alts on a daily basis? Mindark’s latest statements indicate that many new avatars are being created regularly, but just how many of those are actual individual players with one avatar, or how many are alts being created to ‘fix mistakes’ etc.?

Speculation about who runs Toulan’s Forums…

A little Birdie has brought it to my attention that it appears that Toulan’s forums may very well be run by the same forum owner behind entropiaforum and planetcalypsoforum

Over at http://www.toulanforum.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?37-Toulan-Forum was a “Forum set up and administration” thread that recently got moved to an area in the toulan forum that is not able to be viewed by the general public after the move occurred. That thread, before it was deleted, I am told had an interesting discussion that seemed to imply that 711/neomaven/Jason Peterson, the main guy behind ef and pcf was also running the show over on the new toulan forum at least as a forum administrator since some of the forum structure was the same as those forums and some of the links in banners were the same before they were altered – which seems to have occurred around the same time the thread linked to above was moved to where it can’t be viewed by the public….

This little birdie that told me these things even figured out how to make screen prints like all smart little angry forum troll birdies do… 🙂

There’s another thread that seems to have similar implications at


Is the administrators behind TF the same guy as the administrator behind ef and pcf? I’m not sure, but it seems that if not, that guy/forum admin team has/have a very similar role and is quickly working to make tf’s links and banners that make tf seem like pcf or ef structure-wise and banner/link-wise go away very quickly every time a user reports it on tf… hmmm…

Another indication that the folks behind Entropiaforum/Planet Calypso Forum run Toulan Forum:

5.7 – Trading Currencies
All prices must be expressed in PED (or EFD for EFD auctions). Sales threads or links with prices expressed in real-world currencies are NOT permitted, as this implies a transaction for cash outside of Entropia Universe approved channels, a violation of the EULA, and will be deleted without notice.

For those of you unaware of what the above meand, EFD is “Entropia Forum Dollar” which is fake/pretend forum currency that Entropia Forum used to sell/trade in exchange for services such as forum banners on entropia forum. At one point in time the guy behind the forum there even sold items in game in exchange for EFD, something that comes close to being, but is not quite breaking terms of eula for several reasons. EFD (Entropia Forum Dollars) and CFD (Planetcalypsoforum dollars) has not existed for a couple of years since the forum plugin using it on the servers behind both Entropia Forum, and Planetcalypso are non-functional/non-existent at the moment, even though there’s still a section of the forums dedicated to that stuff on PCF, (at least I guess there , until someone reads this and decides to delete that out of existence too?) http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?88-CFD-Auctions

Entropia Hackers are out there – be careful!

Read about this thing called “Entropia Hack for Free” and/or “Free Ped Hack” and or “Get free peds” at http://www.entropiaplanets.com/threads/avoid-to-be-scammed-know-the-scamming-methods.2643/. It appears to be some sort of scammy hack/identity theft thing a group is promoting on youtube. Be careful of this type of third party bullshit that can get your account hacked and pedcard run dry in no time flat, and permanently banned from Entropia Universe to boot!


DO NOT FALL FOR THESE SCAMS! Scams like this have been going on for years, and they usually result in identity theft and account locks happening to those involved either directly or indirectly. A couple of years ago one of the largest societies in game actually got disbanned and many members permabanned due to associate with something similar to this type of thing… Don’t let that happen to you.